"Sherryl sees and experiences your energetic matrix both within your body and through your external field. She corresponds with your Guidance system and those Beings around you who are expressing assistance for your Highest Good and Highest joy. With the ability to see the planet from far above, she is able to bring in information that projects out into your future."
 ~Joeaux Robey, SoulOPreneur

"The other day I had a session with Sherryl Lin and it turned out to go beyond my expectations... the results of this session were unexpectedly miraculous.  The most amazing result was that I was having this pain in my upper hip that had never been there before, but was annoying.  Sherryl Lin took me into a previous lifetime...the next day after this session my hip no longer hurt.  There were other numerous benefits to this session that went beyond the physical.  I am impressed and look forward to future sessions with Sherryl Lin."​

~Susan Zorn Franklin, author


​"My experience with Sherryl has been life changing.  She possesses a tremendous capacity for love and in that light, I have been able to see myself more clearly and encouraged to be who I truly am.  With her guidance, I’ve understood more of what being who I am is, what gives depth, meaning and purpose to my life beyond all the superficialities.  She has helped me open to those permissions that have allowed me to BE on my journey without shame or regret or the need to hurry. Sherryl uses her honesty, wisdom and passion.  She won’t tell you necessarily what you want to hear, but intuitively knows when you’ve lost yourself and brings you back around.  Sherryl has helped me through the most trying transitions – the death of a loved one and the journey through all the decisions to a new life."

~J.L. Imperatore, www.jlinenterprises.com

"I can really trust Sherryl. She has a full spectrum way of listening. Not only can she hear when I am not being honest with myself, she can also hear the truth of the situation I am relaying to her even if I haven't tapped into it. She is so fun, and wise. She has a laid back style which is softly encouraging. At the same time she understands where I am, how I get in my way and what is my direction for now. She has absolute confidence in me, and it took me awhile to catch up to that! If I had to use a word to describe her, it would be jewel, because she is able to shine through all my layers." ~M. Mittal

"I have worked with Sherryl over the past year, and each session that I had brought a new level of spiritual understanding and physical healing.  From the very start, she seemed to 'get' me, and this made me very comfortable with continuing with more sessions.     Teaming with our Guides, Sherryl not only has counseled me for my business, but also very lovingly assisted me with my ascension process and physical wellbeing.  

The most amazing session I had with Sherryl was when she cleared diverticulitis from my colon.  Following a month of severe pain, doctor's care, an MRI, and two rounds of antibiotics, there remained residual pain.  Sherryl, through the process of calling in our Cosmic Helpers, was able to clear out and repair the affected part of my colon.  My abdomen began to shirk day by day and I have experienced no further pain or upset since.  It has been over a month since that session and I am happy to report I am back to normal, feeling great, and so happy to have found Sherryl to assist me in healing my body, and with my ascension process!  

Thank you, Sherryl for your patient, loving way of bringing your clients to their Light and Truth.  You're a genuine 'Cosmic Conduit'!" 
~Deb Goetz, Interior Designer www.debrahgoetz.com

"Sherryl is a wonderful energy worker/healer who’s talented in many other ways as well.  I was lucky enough to have a session by her.  It was beautiful… very deepening; I felt it cleared out the last of some very old cobwebs. Maybe, like me, you’ve noticed a new level of energy healing popping up everywhere.. methods that are faster, more immediate?  Sherryl is one of these futuristic healers coming on line for our new phase of life.  I received so much benefit from this session, I can’t being to say.  Thank you Sherryl"

~Lenedra Carroll,  Author, Singer, Performer- www.lenedracarroll.com